International Presence

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Venus Cerámica is a business venture that started out with a lot of enthusiasm and has been rewarded over the years with acceptance by the market. The company’s evolution and empathy with our clients made it necessary to extend our productive capacity, leading to the installation of new kilns, revamping our range of products, and including more technically advanced ceramic products, along with the acquisition of new facilities to meet the demands of our consumers. This in turn led to a need to renew our business and administrative structures.
This all resulted in a dramatic rise in our sales figures, largely based on our increased exports, and included more and more countries with each passing year.
Today, Venus Cerámica figures amongst the top Spanish award-winning companies, thanks to our export business (including the 2008 Export Award), the quality and design of our products and the seriousness of our business proposal. The company is currently well established as one of the major players in the ceramics sector - one of the Spanish productive sectors that enjoys most recognition and prestige in the world area.